Oran Juice Jones II, formerly known as Mookie Jones is the American Hip Hop artist and songwriter. The son of DefJam recording artist 'Oran Juice Jones', Juice II began his career in the music industry through battle rap at 14 years old and was the youngest ever to win the National Freestyle Competition in Houston. Juice II released his first solo album, “Words and Beats” at 15, and has created an impressive catalog over the past 16 years; working with many notable artists including Redman, BunB, Lil Jon, Mannie Fresh, Cory Mo, CardoGotWings, DJ Burn One, Harry Fraud, Smoke DZA, Big Krit, ScottyATL and Tre Tha Truth.

Juice II continues to develop his unique sound, referring to his particular brand of music as RapFu – a term he created to describe his alternative rap style in which he “uses words to fight back” and bring awareness to issues that affect his community.

His new project NOTHING RHYME$ WITH ORANGE due out mid March 2020, is a reflection of where Juice II sees himself in his own evolution. Returning with a strong and confident energy, this EP offers a progressive take on 90’s boom bap rap, and includes features by 38Spesh, RJ Payne and Oran ‘Juice’ Jones, Sr. NOTHING RHYME$ WITH ORANGE is produced by Chris Pinset @chrispinset and Ack @ackmooga34, with artwork by @lordnmf.


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